How to Change the Name of FB (Facebook) many times and the latest

How to Change the Name of FB (Facebook) many times and the latest – There are a number of good reasons to change the name on your Facebook account. Maybe you are using a new spouse’s surname and want your profile to reflect your new name. Or maybe you don’t want to use your childhood nickname and want to use your real name instead. Or maybe you just need a few changes to fix your Facebook name.

How to Change the Name of FB (Facebook) many times and the latest


cheapjerseysnflbusiness – Why you want to change your Facebook name is your own personal matter. But how to change your FB (Facebook) name is what you need to know if you still want to change the name you are currently using. This article will teach you how to change the name FB (Facebook) to succeed.

To do this is actually very easy. There is nothing in particular that you have to do to be able to change your Facebook name. Just do the following steps for it to work.

How to Change the Name of FB (Facebook) on a computer:

Learn the standardized names that Facebook allows.
Click the down arrow icon at the top right of the Facebook page, then select Settings.
Click Name.
Enter your name and click Review Changes.
Enter your password and click Save Changes.

How to Change the Name of FB (Facebook) on HP:

Learn the standardized names that Facebook allows.
Open your Facebook app and select the Triple Line Button menu.
Scroll down and select Settings & Privacy, then select Settings.
Select Personal Information, then select Name.
Enter your name and select Review Changes.
Enter your password and select Save Changes.

Please note that you can only change your Facebook name every 60 days.

Even though you have implemented the method of changing the FB (Facebook) name on your cellphone or computer and it doesn’t work, there are a number of things you need to know. You may experience problems or failures when changing your name if:

Your name doesn’t comply with Facebook’s name policy.
You either changed it in the last 60 days or you are trying to replace it too often.
You were previously asked to confirm your name on Facebook.
Your name does not match the name that appears on items from the Facebook ID list.

Facebook allowed names

Before you decide to try this method of changing the FB (Facebook) name, it would be nice if you pay attention to a few things related to the name rules on Facebook. Facebook is a community where many people use the names they use in their daily life. Staying up to date with other people you are in a relationship with will keep you and all members of the Facebook community safe from incognito, scams and phishing. Make sure the name you are going to use does not include any of the following:

Symbols, numbers, improper capitalization, repeated characters, or punctuation.
Characters from multiple languages.
Any title (for example: professional, religious).
Common words or phrases, not names.
Words that are offensive or imply something inappropriate.

Other things that you should pay attention to in how to change the name of this FB (Facebook) and its relation to the name on Facebook include:

The profile name should be your everyday nickname by your friends. This name must also be listed in the ID or document from the Facebook ID list.
For nicknames you can use them as first or middle names if they are variations of your real name (eg Bob for Robert).
You can also include other names on your Facebook account (for example: first name, nickname, professional name).
Profiles are for individual use only. You can also create Pages for a business, organization, or idea.
It’s forbidden to pretend to be anything or anyone.

These are some of the ways to change the name of your FB (Facebook) that you can use if you want to change the name of your Facebook account. Make sure before you decide to change the name of your Facebook account, that you have read and comply with the Facebook name policy.


How to Reset Xiaomi Redmi 5a / Redmi 3 / 4a / 4x

How to Reset Xiaomi Redmi 5a / Redmi 3 / 4a / 4x – As one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world today, of course you are no stranger to the Xiaomi brand. Even the cellphone that you are using today might be Xiaomi too. That is the reason for you to look for articles on how to hard reset this Xiaomi.

How to Reset Xiaomi Redmi 5a / Redmi 3 / 4a / 4x


cheapjerseysnflbusiness – There are many reasons why you decided to reset the Xiaomi cellphone that you currently have. Some reasons that often require you to reset your Xiaomi cellphone.

The cause of having to reset or reset Xiaomi HP:

Xiaomi phones are running slow
Xiaomi phones are not responsive
Xiaomi’s cellphone has a virus
Xiaomi phone stuck on boot screen
Xiaomi phones experience random reboots after a firmware update
Failures and errors from systems and applications that often occur
You cannot remember your device password or cell phone pattern lock

How to Reset Xiaomi Redmi and Mi HP

Before you decide to reset this Xiaomi cellphone, make sure you have backed up the Xiaomi cellphone data that you are currently using. Because the process of resetting this Xiaomi cellphone will delete applications and files in the internal memory storage of your Xiaomi cellphone. Here is a guide to factory reset Xiaomi phones.

1. Reset Xiaomi Mobile With Factory Reset

If you can access the Xiaomi HP factory data reset menu, you can completely erase all data, settings and content on your Xiaomi device. This process will change it to the factory default settings like the first day your smartphone was purchased. Use this method if you can still access the settings menu on the Xiaomi cellphone.

How to Reset Xiaomi HP with Factory Reset:

Make sure your device has at least 50% battery charge.
Open the Settings / Settings menu on the Xiaomi cellphone.
Select Additional settings> Backup & Reset.
Select the Restore factory settings menu at the bottom.
Select Reset phone.
Confirm by selecting Delete.

After a few moments, your device will reboot and the process of resetting the Xiaomi HP with Factory Reset has been completed. The first opening can take a little longer than usual.

2. Reset Xiaomi HP With Hard Reset

If you are unable to open the settings menu, you can perform the process of resetting Xiaomi phones through recovery mode (Recovery Mode). Usually the recovery mode can be used when you forget the pattern lock or screen lock, the phone gets stuck on the boot logo or restarts itself continuously. Use this option if you can’t access your Xiaomi cellphone.

How to Reset Xiaomi HP With Hard Reset:

Make sure your device has at least 50% battery charge.
Enter Recovery Mode by turning off your cellphone. When it is off, press the Volume Up (+) button and the Power button simultaneously.
Wait until your Xiaomi phone vibrates and the MI logo appears. Then the Recovery Mode menu will appear.
After successfully entering the Recovery Mode menu, you will be asked to choose a language. Select English (use volume buttons for navigation and power button to select).
Select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset menu.
Select Wipe All Data.
Select Confirm to do Hard Reset Xiaomi HP.

Wait until the process of how to restore Xiaomi HP factory settings / Hard Reset Xiaomi HP is complete. If this process is complete, please select Back to Main Menu> Reboot> Reboot to System to restart your Xiaomi cellphone. After a successful Hard Reset, you will be asked to make general settings such as language settings, network settings, themes and so on. In some cases, the first time you restart, you will be prompted to log in using an MI account. Enter your MI account username and password to login.

Those are two ways to reset your Xiaomi cellphone that you can do. As explained above, if you can access your Xiaomi cellphone, it is highly recommended to do a Factory Reset. If you really can’t access your Xiaomi cellphone, use the Hard Reset Xiaomi method. And make sure that your battery is at least 50% charged or more.


How to Play and Read the Football Gambling Market

How to Play and Read the Football Gambling Market – Before playing soccer gambling, of course, there are many things that every player must pay attention to. Is about how to play and also understand about dating that will be carried out. That way understanding the game will make it even easier to bring victory.

How to Play and Read the Football Gambling Market


cheapjerseysnflbusiness – If you look carefully, the ball market does provide many choices to play. Especially if you are still a beginner player who still needs a lot of experience. Mistakes in reading the market, of course, will have a less than optimal impact on the results of your gambling game.

To provide an easy description of how easy it is to read the football market, here is a complete explanation to answer it. Please know all types of soccer gambling markets together by reading the right games.

Quick Tips for Playing and Reading the Football Market

To play soccer betting, players must first become part of a trusted and official site. Please register by following a number of methods in the registration guide. Next is to provide a deposit of funds to play. And when you are going to place a soccer bet, there is a choice of the gambling market that must be run. Here are some ways to read the correct gambling market.

Markets 0-0.5 (1/4 ball)
The proper way to read the market is:
• Player will win when the selected team is able to win by 1 goal difference.
• Players will lose if the team disputes 1 goal.
• Players will also be deemed to lose when the match only ends in a draw or draw.

Market 0.5 (1/2 ball)
To read this type of market, you must pay attention to the following things:
• Player will win if the soccer team selection is 1 goal difference.
• Players will lose if the match results are evenly matched or lose on goal difference.

Market 0.5-1 (3/4 ball)
One of the soccer gambling markets that is also very easy to follow. To read the market are:
• The player will get the full win if the soccer team wins by a difference of 2 goals.
• Players will also win if the soccer match is won by 1 goal difference.
• But the player will lose when the game results are draw or lose.

Market 1 (1 Ball)
To read the soccer gambling market are:
• The player will be declared the winner if the soccer team can produce a score of 2 goals adrift.
• The game will result in a tie if the selected soccer team can score 1 goal.
• The player will lose when it ends in a draw and lose the game.

Football Gambling Winning Factors
To get a win in soccer gambling, players must master a number of factors, including:
1. Must find a soccer team that wins regularly in matches.
2. Choose a soccer team that plays at home.
3. Only place bets on the best gambling markets.
4. Multiply the stake when a potential big win is generated.

That is what football betting players can use in reading and following the game. Hopefully the above explanation can provide great profit opportunities to all of you. Have a nice play!


How to open an adult site address on Android without an application

How to open an adult site address on Android without an application – One of the main problems for those of you who want to open adult site addresses is blocking from positive internet. This is very reasonable, because adult site addresses are included in the category of pornographic websites. This will automatically trigger a positive internet block or the like.

How to open an adult site address on Android without an application


cheapjerseysnflbusiness – But you don’t need to worry. If you want to keep an adult site open on Android without an app, there are many ways to do it. The most common way is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). But if you want to use another method, read on our article below.

The following are some of the methods you can use if you want to open an adult site address using your smartphone device. You can also use this method on a laptop or computer.

1. How to open an adult website address on Android without an application with a web proxy

The first way you can do to open adult sites on Android is by using a Web Proxy service. Web Proxy is a method of hiding your IP address from the websites you visit. When you use a Web Proxy, the websites you visit cannot see your real location because the proxy makes it look like you are accessing a page from somewhere else.

Currently there are lots of free internet Web Proxy service providers. To say which is the best Web Proxy is a bit difficult, because each of these providers has its own advantages. But don’t worry, if one Web Proxy doesn’t work, then we’ll use another Web Proxy.

The following is how to open adult site addresses on Android without an application with a Web Proxy:

Open the Google Chrome browser on the smartphone.
In the search field, type Web Proxy and then Enter.
A large number of search results will appear about the Web Proxy service provider.
Click on one of the lists. For example (Serial number 2)
You will go to the Proxy website page
Enter the address of a blocked Android adult site on Google Chrome in the Enter URL field, then click GO.
Soon you will be heading to an adult site page on Android that previously could not open because of being blocked.

2. How to open adult site addresses on Android with a VPN

If you prefer to browse through your smartphone device, then to open an adult website address on Android without a blocked application is to install a Virtual Private Network from the Google Play Store.

Today there are tons of free Virtual Private Networks for smartphones. But there are only a few that are arguably the best because they are made by competent developers. One of them is the Android Tunnel Bear VPN application.

TunnelBear VPN is a very simple application that encrypts your web browsing and data (making it illegible) when you leave your phone or tablet. Websites and advertisers will have a harder time tracking your physical location while browsing the internet. This is what we use to open a blocked adult site address on Android.

One of the main advantages of this Virtual Private Network is that TunnelBear is the first and only Virtual Private Network service that has been independently audited by a 3rd party. You can rest assured that your data will be safe with this Virtual Private Network.

The following is how to open adult website addresses on Android with TunnelBear VPN:

Open the Play Store on your smartphone.
In the search field, type TunnelBear VPN. Search results will appear with the top TunnelBear VPN application.
Select Install. Wait for the installation process to complete.
After the application is successfully installed, select Open. You will go to the start page of the TunnelBear application.
Fill in your email address and password then select Create a free account. Then you will receive instructions to verify your email address.
Open the email that you used to create the account earlier. Check the incoming email, there will be an email from TunnelBear. Click on the link provided.

After the email has been verified successfully, reopen TunnelBear on your smartphone. A notification will appear that the account has been successfully confirmed.
You will then enter the main TunnelBear VPN page. You will have a free quota of 500 MB every month.
Slide the button to activate TunnelBear VPN at the top.
Usually a connection request notification will appear from your smartphone, select OK.
After TunnelBear is connected successfully, the button will change from gray to blue.

Congratulations, you have successfully opened the address of a blocked adult site on Android.
To turn off TunnelBear VPN, slide the Connected switch to Disconneted.

3. How to open an adult web address on Android without an application with the Opera browser

The next way to open a blocked adult site address on Android is to use the Opera browser. As one of the oldest browsers, Opera has also released a new version of the Opera browser for PCs and smartphones. The latest version comes with a built-in Virtual Private Network as well as Ad-blocker support with other modern features to keep your browsing history and habits private.

Regarding the Virtual Private Network feature on the browser, this is not the fastest if you compare it to independent VPN applications. However, it is sufficient to serve your purpose and offer unlimited bandwidth via Opera VPN. Users can selectively activate or deactivate Virtual Private Networks based on the website. Also, a VPN can only be configured to start while in Incognito mode.

For user safety, Opera offers a security badge to alert users, fraud and malware protection, an ad blocker to block the ads you don’t want and offers cryptocurrency mining protection. Apart from that, Opera also offers extension support, Facebook Messenger integration with chat support, VR player support, built-in portrait tools, battery saver and more.

The following is how to open adult site addresses on Android without an application with Opera Browser:

Make sure the smartphone is connected to the internet.
Open the Play Store and search for an application with the keyword Opera.
A list of applications will appear, select Opera browser with free VPN. Select and install the application.
If it has been successfully installed, open the Opera application.
On the Opera start page, select the Tab menu at the bottom right.
Select the Personal menu at the top.
Select the Add (+) icon at the bottom.
You have entered Private mode. You will find a VPN switch that is turned off / off.
Tap on the button to turn on Opera VPN.
Virtual Private Network is active and please enter the address of the site you want to go to in the column provided.
You need to note that this Virtual Private Network is only active in Private Mode. So, if you switch to Normal Mode, the Virtual Private Network will not work.

Those are some ways to open adult site addresses on Android without applications blocked by positive internet or the like. Make sure to turn off the Virtual Private Network if you no longer need to use it. Hopefully this is useful and always use the internet wisely.


How to Open Camera Setting Point Coordinates and How to Use

How to Open Camera Setting Point Coordinates and How to Use – Most of today’s modern smartphones have a built-in GPS module. It is an easy-to-use tool for quickly gathering field data. All it takes is taking a photo of the object in question. Photo metadata will store all basic information such as: date, time, coordinates and altitude on GPS, azimuth on object. All you need to do is come to your office or home and add information about what is shown in the photo. In this discussion, we will provide a little tutorial on how to set up Open Camera coordinates or Geotagging.

How to Open Camera Setting Point Coordinates and How to Use


cheapjerseysnflbusiness – Geotagging is the act of entering geographic information about where a photo was taken with a digital photo file. Waypoint geotagging is especially helpful for anyone who takes a lot of pictures and needs a way to record exactly where each photo was taken. By default, the camera application on your Android smartphone has the ability to add GPS coordinates to an image file, but there are a few settings you will need to change for this feature to work properly.

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You need an HP smartphone or tablet that runs Android OS to work. Next you need to install the Open Camera application. You can install it from Google Play. You can also download APK files from the official SourceForge repositories and install them manually.

Open Camera Settings

The interface of the Open Camera application is simple and intuitive. To activate Open Camera recording of waypoints, open the settings program.

Swipe down on the settings window.
Open “Location settings”.
Here, check all the boxes: Store location data, Store compass direction, Require location data.
Exit camera settings by selecting back button. Now we can see that the geolocation icon appears in the upper left corner of the screen. In the example, the symbol is checked. This means that the smartphone is not receiving a GPS signal.
If you try to take a picture when the Open Camera program does not receive GPS coordinates, you will get the message “GPS location not available”. And pictures will not be taken. This will happen because we disabled the option to take photos without GPS coordinates in the settings.

There are two common reasons why a program does not have a GPS signal: you forgot to activate location services in the phone settings and the phone does not have enough time to get the signal from the GPS satellites and determine its location.
First you need to check if GPS location detection is enabled in your smartphone settings. To do this, open your phone’s Quick Settings panel. If the “GPS” indicator is not active, tap to activate location. When the “GPS” indicator is on, close the Quick settings panel by swiping up or tapping the back button.
After you activate the GPS service, you need to wait a few moments with the Open Camera application open to allow the phone to receive location from GPS. If you have a program that writes GPS tracks in the background, Open Camera gets your waypoints immediately after opening, and you don’t have to wait. When Open Camera receives a coordinate point, the geolocation indicator is filled with a white circle. If the GPS signal quality is good, a green dot will be next to the geographical position indicator. If the signal quality is poor, the indicator will be yellow.
Taking a photo. To do this, click on the big blue camera icon.
When a photo is taken, you can immediately check the waypoint. To do this, open the photo in the gallery and view its properties. Photos that have geo-entry enabled will have their location recorded.
To turn off Open Camera saving of waypoints / geolocation data, uncheck the first box in the settings.

You can also turn off the location data requirement so that pictures are taken regardless of GPS availability. In case the coordinates are obtained, they will be saved in the EXIF ​​file. Uncheck the third box to do this.


How to Reinstall Laptop Without Hassle

How to Reinstall Laptop Without Hassle – Reinstalling a laptop is actually easy and can be done yourself without the need for computer repair services. You only need to follow a few steps to repair damaged software on your laptop.

How to Reinstall Laptop Without Hassle


cheapjerseysnflbusiness – However, don’t just follow these steps without a basic understanding of computers first. If you do not understand basic operations on a computer system then restart or reinstall the program on your laptop, it is not impossible that you will completely die.
Among the basic problems for checking laptop damage are:

Check the health condition of the laptop battery
Check the DC socket and laptop charger in normal conditions
Make sure the laptop RAM is not problematic and clean
Check the adapter cable connection
Make sure the processor is not overheating
Make sure the motherboard components like nothing burned, stable power supply, and not overheating

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Now for the next, below are several options for reinstalling a laptop that is having problems:
Install with a CD-ROM
From the mid-1990s to the late 2000s, the most common way to get software to a new operating system was to buy a CD-ROM. You will need to insert the disc to display the installation wizard.
But now, almost all computer developers have switched and abandoned CD-ROMs. And many new computers no longer include a CD-ROM.
However, if you need to reinstall via CD-ROM, simply insert the disc into the computer, then follow the instructions provided.
Install with Internet Download
You need to download the installation file first to support the process of reinstalling the problematic laptop. The downloaded operating system installation files will usually be saved to the computer in the .iso format.
Then you only need to follow these steps:

Check the device specifications that are compatible with the system to be installed.
Backup important data before reinstalling process.
Determine first the default operating system after installation, such as whether to use Windows, Linux, or Ubuntu.
You will see boot installation, drive, and reboot options. Later you will enter BIOS Settings and be displayed on the Common Setup Keys option including the F2, F10, F12, and Delete keys.
Press the Delete and F2 keys if you still don’t see the BIOS setting page.

Look for the “Boot Order” section to make it easier to navigate your cursor during the reinstallation process.

Choose the location from which you want to reinstall your laptop. Usually, it will display the locations that are used as options for placing the installation data. If you use a disk drive it is usually labeled CD-ROM Drive, while external drives will appear as removable devices.

Press the + button to prioritize the choice of location for your laptop installation data.
Save and Exit. At the end you only need to press the enter button on the Yes option.
Follow the instructions on the screen to ensure that the steps displayed in the on-screen direction match the steps you performed manually.

Restart your laptop to complete the readiness of the new operating system.


3 Ways to Make Your Own Android Application

3 Ways to Make Your Own Android Application – How do you make your own android application? Is it easy or difficult? The answer depends on the seriousness of each of us. Where there is a will there is a way.

3 Ways to Make Your Own Android Application

3-ways-to-make-your-own-android-application – The most important of all ways is our mental readiness to become an Android Mobile Developer (Android-based application developer).

If he is mentally ready, any obstacle will be overlooked. But if you mentally feel good, just heard or read an article, you must have a laptop with high specs and other requirements, you must immediately down.

Even though we don’t have programming / coding skills and only use smartphones / cellphones, it turns out that we can create Android applications in just a matter of minutes.

But of course there will be many shortcomings. Because to achieve something perfect will not be possible only in an instant way.

Instant noodles, in fact, unlike the name, there is still a process that we have to go through when making instant noodles hehe.

In essence, I highly recommend making an android application using a laptop / PC (Personal Computer) accompanied by first learning the basics of coding / android programming such as Java, Kotlin, Dart, C ++, C #, Javascrip and others so that we can make applications. android according to their own wishes.
how to make an android application

Immediately, here are 3 ways that can be used to easily create your own Android application. And this is how to create an android application that is used by most people today.

1. Creating Android Applications with Android Studio

The first way to create an android application that is most recommended is to use Android Studio.

Why should I use Android Studio?

Because Android Studio is an official tool that is fully supported by Google (the company behind the Android OS) to develop Android-based applications.

The latest version of Android Studio is currently 4.1.1. There are several complete features for developing Android applications found in Android Studio, including:

Smart Code Editor
Instant Run
Pretty fast emulator
and many other features

The following is a Complete Tutorial on Learning Android Studio for Beginners that you can learn to make Android applications now on the 4 Ebooks that we have released.

Introduction to the Android OS
How to install and setting Java
How to install and set the latest version of Android Studio
How to Install the Android Studio SDK
How to Make the First Android Application
How to Install the Genymotion Emulator
How to run Android projects directly on a smartphone
How to Install and Connect Nox App Player with Android Studio
Get to know the Android Studio project structure
Get to know Activity and Intent on Android Applications
Various kinds of layouts and their application in android applications
Types of Android Widgets

After learning the basics of making Android programming, you can continue the learning process by making various kinds of simple Android applications. Tutorials to make simple Android applications are discussed, namely:

Creating applications with SQLite which discusses case studies of creating my campus applications
Create a music player application
Creating android app slider intro
Create a webview application with a progress bar
Create a responsive android application
Create a stopwatch application
Create a QR code scanning application
Android Studio Material Design Tutorial
and many others

2. Creating Android Applications With the Eclipse IDE

How to make a second android application is to use Eclipse. Eclipse is a tool that used to be quite booming for making Android applications before the existence of the Android Studio. After the existence of Android Studio, Google officially stopped full support for Eclipse.

Of course people who used to use Eclipse are now moving to Android Studio. Even so, currently there are still a lot of use Eclipse because the computer / laptop specifications are still not capable of using Android Studio.

Just like Android Studio, some of the initial steps used to create Android applications using Eclipse include:

Must Install Java JDK
Must Install Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT)
Must Make Android Virtual Device (AVD
And many others

My suggestion is to make an application directly with Android Studio (because it is fully supported by Google as the parent of the Android OS and currently the community is quite large).

Talent seekers (companies) are looking for mobile developers who use Android Studio as opposed to Eclipse.

3. Creating Android Applications Without Coding

Are you lazy to learn coding or already able to code but want to try how to make an Android application without coding? Yes, you can try this third way.

To create an Android application without using coding skills, the first requirement is that the laptop we use must be connected to the internet.

Some of the sites that we can use to make android applications online are Mit App Inventor, AppyPie, and AppGesyer. These sites can also be referred to as App builders, because by using applications or platforms from the web, we can create Android applications by drag and drop.

This time we will practice creating an android application for the web / blog using AppGesyer. Here are the steps:

Visit the Site
Then select Create Now For Free

Select Website

Fill in the url address of the website that will be used as an android application then press Go. Refresh preview to see the web display if installed on an Android phone.

If you have scrolled down then select Next.
Fill in the App Name, App Description, and App Icon (Can be uploaded from your computer) Then click Next and select Create.

The final step is to log in using an email or Facebook account. Then a page will appear to download the apk.
But I don’t recommend this third method if we really want to be a reliable Android developer.