3 Ways to Make Your Own Android Application

3 Ways to Make Your Own Android Application – How do you make your own android application? Is it easy or difficult? The answer depends on the seriousness of each of us. Where there is a will there is a way.

3 Ways to Make Your Own Android Application


cheapjerseysnflbusiness.com – The most important of all ways is our mental readiness to become an Android Mobile Developer (Android-based application developer).

If he is mentally ready, any obstacle will be overlooked. But if you mentally feel good, just heard or read an article, you must have a laptop with high specs and other requirements, you must immediately down.

Even though we don’t have programming / coding skills and only use smartphones / cellphones, it turns out that we can create Android applications in just a matter of minutes.

But of course there will be many shortcomings. Because to achieve something perfect will not be possible only in an instant way.

Instant noodles, in fact, unlike the name, there is still a process that we have to go through when making instant noodles hehe.

In essence, I highly recommend making an android application using a laptop / PC (Personal Computer) accompanied by first learning the basics of coding / android programming such as Java, Kotlin, Dart, C ++, C #, Javascrip and others so that we can make applications. android according to their own wishes.
how to make an android application

Immediately, here are 3 ways that can be used to easily create your own Android application. And this is how to create an android application that is used by most people today.

1. Creating Android Applications with Android Studio

The first way to create an android application that is most recommended is to use Android Studio.

Why should I use Android Studio?

Because Android Studio is an official tool that is fully supported by Google (the company behind the Android OS) to develop Android-based applications.

The latest version of Android Studio is currently 4.1.1. There are several complete features for developing Android applications found in Android Studio, including:

Smart Code Editor
Instant Run
Pretty fast emulator
and many other features

The following is a Complete Tutorial on Learning Android Studio for Beginners that you can learn to make Android applications now on the 4 Ebooks that we have released.

Introduction to the Android OS
How to install and setting Java
How to install and set the latest version of Android Studio
How to Install the Android Studio SDK
How to Make the First Android Application
How to Install the Genymotion Emulator
How to run Android projects directly on a smartphone
How to Install and Connect Nox App Player with Android Studio
Get to know the Android Studio project structure
Get to know Activity and Intent on Android Applications
Various kinds of layouts and their application in android applications
Types of Android Widgets

After learning the basics of making Android programming, you can continue the learning process by making various kinds of simple Android applications. Tutorials to make simple Android applications are discussed, namely:

Creating applications with SQLite which discusses case studies of creating my campus applications
Create a music player application
Creating android app slider intro
Create a webview application with a progress bar
Create a responsive android application
Create a stopwatch application
Create a QR code scanning application
Android Studio Material Design Tutorial
and many others

2. Creating Android Applications With the Eclipse IDE

How to make a second android application is to use Eclipse. Eclipse is a tool that used to be quite booming for making Android applications before the existence of the Android Studio. After the existence of Android Studio, Google officially stopped full support for Eclipse.

Of course people who used to use Eclipse are now moving to Android Studio. Even so, currently there are still a lot of use Eclipse because the computer / laptop specifications are still not capable of using Android Studio.

Just like Android Studio, some of the initial steps used to create Android applications using Eclipse include:

Must Install Java JDK
Must Install Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT)
Must Make Android Virtual Device (AVD
And many others

My suggestion is to make an application directly with Android Studio (because it is fully supported by Google as the parent of the Android OS and currently the community is quite large).

Talent seekers (companies) are looking for mobile developers who use Android Studio as opposed to Eclipse.

3. Creating Android Applications Without Coding

Are you lazy to learn coding or already able to code but want to try how to make an Android application without coding? Yes, you can try this third way.

To create an Android application without using coding skills, the first requirement is that the laptop we use must be connected to the internet.

Some of the sites that we can use to make android applications online are Mit App Inventor, AppyPie, and AppGesyer. These sites can also be referred to as App builders, because by using applications or platforms from the web, we can create Android applications by drag and drop.

This time we will practice creating an android application for the web / blog using AppGesyer. Here are the steps:

Visit the Site http://www.appsgeyser.com/
Then select Create Now For Free

Select Website

Fill in the url address of the website that will be used as an android application then press Go. Refresh preview to see the web display if installed on an Android phone.

If you have scrolled down then select Next.
Fill in the App Name, App Description, and App Icon (Can be uploaded from your computer) Then click Next and select Create.

The final step is to log in using an email or Facebook account. Then a page will appear to download the apk.
But I don’t recommend this third method if we really want to be a reliable Android developer.