How to open an adult site address on Android without an application

How to open an adult site address on Android without an application – One of the main problems for those of you who want to open adult site addresses is blocking from positive internet. This is very reasonable, because adult site addresses are included in the category of pornographic websites. This will automatically trigger a positive internet block or the like.

How to open an adult site address on Android without an application


cheapjerseysnflbusiness – But you don’t need to worry. If you want to keep an adult site open on Android without an app, there are many ways to do it. The most common way is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). But if you want to use another method, read on our article below.

The following are some of the methods you can use if you want to open an adult site address using your smartphone device. You can also use this method on a laptop or computer.

1. How to open an adult website address on Android without an application with a web proxy

The first way you can do to open adult sites on Android is by using a Web Proxy service. Web Proxy is a method of hiding your IP address from the websites you visit. When you use a Web Proxy, the websites you visit cannot see your real location because the proxy makes it look like you are accessing a page from somewhere else.

Currently there are lots of free internet Web Proxy service providers. To say which is the best Web Proxy is a bit difficult, because each of these providers has its own advantages. But don’t worry, if one Web Proxy doesn’t work, then we’ll use another Web Proxy.

The following is how to open adult site addresses on Android without an application with a Web Proxy:

Open the Google Chrome browser on the smartphone.
In the search field, type Web Proxy and then Enter.
A large number of search results will appear about the Web Proxy service provider.
Click on one of the lists. For example (Serial number 2)
You will go to the Proxy website page
Enter the address of a blocked Android adult site on Google Chrome in the Enter URL field, then click GO.
Soon you will be heading to an adult site page on Android that previously could not open because of being blocked.

2. How to open adult site addresses on Android with a VPN

If you prefer to browse through your smartphone device, then to open an adult website address on Android without a blocked application is to install a Virtual Private Network from the Google Play Store.

Today there are tons of free Virtual Private Networks for smartphones. But there are only a few that are arguably the best because they are made by competent developers. One of them is the Android Tunnel Bear VPN application.

TunnelBear VPN is a very simple application that encrypts your web browsing and data (making it illegible) when you leave your phone or tablet. Websites and advertisers will have a harder time tracking your physical location while browsing the internet. This is what we use to open a blocked adult site address on Android.

One of the main advantages of this Virtual Private Network is that TunnelBear is the first and only Virtual Private Network service that has been independently audited by a 3rd party. You can rest assured that your data will be safe with this Virtual Private Network.

The following is how to open adult website addresses on Android with TunnelBear VPN:

Open the Play Store on your smartphone.
In the search field, type TunnelBear VPN. Search results will appear with the top TunnelBear VPN application.
Select Install. Wait for the installation process to complete.
After the application is successfully installed, select Open. You will go to the start page of the TunnelBear application.
Fill in your email address and password then select Create a free account. Then you will receive instructions to verify your email address.
Open the email that you used to create the account earlier. Check the incoming email, there will be an email from TunnelBear. Click on the link provided.

After the email has been verified successfully, reopen TunnelBear on your smartphone. A notification will appear that the account has been successfully confirmed.
You will then enter the main TunnelBear VPN page. You will have a free quota of 500 MB every month.
Slide the button to activate TunnelBear VPN at the top.
Usually a connection request notification will appear from your smartphone, select OK.
After TunnelBear is connected successfully, the button will change from gray to blue.

Congratulations, you have successfully opened the address of a blocked adult site on Android.
To turn off TunnelBear VPN, slide the Connected switch to Disconneted.

3. How to open an adult web address on Android without an application with the Opera browser

The next way to open a blocked adult site address on Android is to use the Opera browser. As one of the oldest browsers, Opera has also released a new version of the Opera browser for PCs and smartphones. The latest version comes with a built-in Virtual Private Network as well as Ad-blocker support with other modern features to keep your browsing history and habits private.

Regarding the Virtual Private Network feature on the browser, this is not the fastest if you compare it to independent VPN applications. However, it is sufficient to serve your purpose and offer unlimited bandwidth via Opera VPN. Users can selectively activate or deactivate Virtual Private Networks based on the website. Also, a VPN can only be configured to start while in Incognito mode.

For user safety, Opera offers a security badge to alert users, fraud and malware protection, an ad blocker to block the ads you don’t want and offers cryptocurrency mining protection. Apart from that, Opera also offers extension support, Facebook Messenger integration with chat support, VR player support, built-in portrait tools, battery saver and more.

The following is how to open adult site addresses on Android without an application with Opera Browser:

Make sure the smartphone is connected to the internet.
Open the Play Store and search for an application with the keyword Opera.
A list of applications will appear, select Opera browser with free VPN. Select and install the application.
If it has been successfully installed, open the Opera application.
On the Opera start page, select the Tab menu at the bottom right.
Select the Personal menu at the top.
Select the Add (+) icon at the bottom.
You have entered Private mode. You will find a VPN switch that is turned off / off.
Tap on the button to turn on Opera VPN.
Virtual Private Network is active and please enter the address of the site you want to go to in the column provided.
You need to note that this Virtual Private Network is only active in Private Mode. So, if you switch to Normal Mode, the Virtual Private Network will not work.

Those are some ways to open adult site addresses on Android without applications blocked by positive internet or the like. Make sure to turn off the Virtual Private Network if you no longer need to use it. Hopefully this is useful and always use the internet wisely.