How to Reinstall Laptop Without Hassle

How to Reinstall Laptop Without Hassle – Reinstalling a laptop is actually easy and can be done yourself without the need for computer repair services. You only need to follow a few steps to repair damaged software on your laptop.

How to Reinstall Laptop Without Hassle


cheapjerseysnflbusiness – However, don’t just follow these steps without a basic understanding of computers first. If you do not understand basic operations on a computer system then restart or reinstall the program on your laptop, it is not impossible that you will completely die.
Among the basic problems for checking laptop damage are:

Check the health condition of the laptop battery
Check the DC socket and laptop charger in normal conditions
Make sure the laptop RAM is not problematic and clean
Check the adapter cable connection
Make sure the processor is not overheating
Make sure the motherboard components like nothing burned, stable power supply, and not overheating

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Now for the next, below are several options for reinstalling a laptop that is having problems:
Install with a CD-ROM
From the mid-1990s to the late 2000s, the most common way to get software to a new operating system was to buy a CD-ROM. You will need to insert the disc to display the installation wizard.
But now, almost all computer developers have switched and abandoned CD-ROMs. And many new computers no longer include a CD-ROM.
However, if you need to reinstall via CD-ROM, simply insert the disc into the computer, then follow the instructions provided.
Install with Internet Download
You need to download the installation file first to support the process of reinstalling the problematic laptop. The downloaded operating system installation files will usually be saved to the computer in the .iso format.
Then you only need to follow these steps:

Check the device specifications that are compatible with the system to be installed.
Backup important data before reinstalling process.
Determine first the default operating system after installation, such as whether to use Windows, Linux, or Ubuntu.
You will see boot installation, drive, and reboot options. Later you will enter BIOS Settings and be displayed on the Common Setup Keys option including the F2, F10, F12, and Delete keys.
Press the Delete and F2 keys if you still don’t see the BIOS setting page.

Look for the “Boot Order” section to make it easier to navigate your cursor during the reinstallation process.

Choose the location from which you want to reinstall your laptop. Usually, it will display the locations that are used as options for placing the installation data. If you use a disk drive it is usually labeled CD-ROM Drive, while external drives will appear as removable devices.

Press the + button to prioritize the choice of location for your laptop installation data.
Save and Exit. At the end you only need to press the enter button on the Yes option.
Follow the instructions on the screen to ensure that the steps displayed in the on-screen direction match the steps you performed manually.

Restart your laptop to complete the readiness of the new operating system.